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Base Camp Lindsey Memorial

Base Camp Lindsey will only be built with YOUR help! We need the support of our community to help our Veterans. We need volunteers with a wide range of skills to help manage, build, and maintain Base Camp Lindsey. We will need services donated such as plumbers, electricians, social workers, mental health professionals, and many others to ensure that all of our Veterans are getting the care that they need. And we need monetary donations to ensure that no Veteran is left behind in our enormous and crucial goal to eliminate Veteran homelessness in our community. To learn more about this amazing project please go to our website at  www.ntvrf.com or check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BaseCampLindsey/
Do you have a Veteran you would like to Honor?  You can have a lasting impact on Base Camp Lindsey with your purchase of a tile or brick in their Honor for our Veteran's Memorial.   Tiles with names of Veterans will be placed on the wall, bricks with scripture, quotes, or other encouragement will be part of the plaza itself.  This memorial will reflect the respect and honor of our community for our Veterans while also serving as a tangible reminder to our Veterans in residence that they are not in this fight alone. It will be a place of calm, of healing, and reassurance that they can win this battle too.