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“Building a Foundation For Life,

          One Veteran at a Time”

North Texas Veteran’s Relief Fund

Building a Foundation for life, one Veteran at a time


The plight of our nation’s Veterans has been well documented over the last few years as we see news story after news story of the horrific conditions at VA hospitals, the steady reporting of 20 Veteran suicides per day, and the heartbreaking picture of a Veteran standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign, begging for help.   The statistics show the overwhelming reality of the problem.

  • 39,741 veterans are on the streets of our country every night, 75-80 of them right here in our community. And those are only the ones who were available for counting.  It does not count the thousands more who are just barely hanging on, living in motels or RV’s, or couch surfing among family and friends.

  • Female veterans, the fastest growing population of homeless veterans, are at 9% of the total homeless population and 45% of them have at least one child whom they are responsible for.

  • 20% of all Veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, another 20% of Veterans returning from the Middle East have suffered some form of Traumatic Brain Injury.  51% of all Homeless Veterans are either physically or mentally disabled.  Most will turn to substance abuse to attempt to self-medicate the problem.  20 per day choose suicide.

  • On average, a veteran can wait for up to 9 months trying to receive treatment and services from the VA.  That’s a long time to try to hold it together when your world feels like it is falling apart.

BUT, there is hope!  In the 2016 Annual Homeless Account to Congress, it was determined that small, community based programs provided the most efficient and successful method for reaching and helping these Veterans.  Two states and 50 communities in the United States have declared that Veteran Homelessness has been eliminated from their community.  North Texas Veteran’s Relief Fund believes that Wichita Falls and its surrounding counties can be next.  Base Camp Lindsey will provide safe shelter and social services to Veterans and will help them overcome the obstacles that led to their homelessness.  Base Camp Lindsey will help them regain their independence and regain their lives.

We are asking for your support. Please consider your donation to help our area homeless Veterans. Visit our Donation page. Thank you.